Business development, Events organization, Operational marketing, Process optimization, Training



Opening doors, cross dams, find the good interlocutor, obtain a meeting, such are the daily challenges of quite commercial, and sometimes their worst nightmare.

You have the product, the service, but you don’t know how to introduce it to the market place and find customers.

The structure of your company doesn’t allow you to face the cost of a new commercial even if you need one more!

OP’COM brings you flexibility, professionalism, and a personalized and tailor made approach of your clientele, which give you a significant visibility on the market place.


Known and recognized in your sector, you want to move forward and cross a new stage in your activity and company development.

What alliance to put in place?

How to create its own distribution network?

How to find new opportunities for your services?

Which partner may I choose to complete my targets?

OP’COM assists you to get answers to all your questions, helps you to set up your distribution network, to find the partner you’re looking for, or the product you’re need.


Customer’s satisfaction is a key indicator with which you cannot play. Your reputation and your development is at stake.

You are confronted to this situation and you wish to remedy it?

Your internal processes are not enough efficient and are not in accordance to your customer’s needs and requirements. It becomes mandatory for your profitability, your customer’s satisfaction, and the one of your employees to improve your processes in order to gain in efficiency!

Your customer relationship management tool does not correspond any more to your brand image.

OP’COM will check the axis of optimization of your organization and will assist you to put in place all the tools and processes you need.



OP’COM organizes trainings linked to sales and marketing activities, and can on request set up a special training dedicated to your company’s needs. As training institution, OP’COM is registered under the number 11 95 05446 95. This recording is not worth approval of the State.