Business development, Events organization, Operational marketing, Process optimization, Training

Our Company

Our Company

OP’COM born from the idea that today, every company whatever its size may need external resources that will allow it, if needed, to boost its activity, and face, thanks to an experimented partner, its punctual needs of commercial assistance and support

OP’COM is your partner!

Our philosophy

OP’COM in every mission becomes your ambassador and conveys your image
OP’COM takes all the necessary time to listen and integrate your culture, understand your targets, and collect all your company’s sensibility in order to represent you in the best way.
OP’COM firstly is your favorite partner as we work closely with your team with same will: win!

Our knowledge

OP’COM operates in those different sectors:
- Aeronautic,
- Car industry,
- Finance and insurance,
- Hotel business
- Industry,
- Pharmaceutical companies,
- Luxury,
- Services,
- ...

OP’COM organizes in France and outside:
- Board meetings
- Executive meetings,
- Events,
- Incentive,
- Prospecting,
- Seminars,
- Trainings,
- ...

Our values, your stakes

Professionalism, Imagination, Creativity, Price, Customer satisfaction, Meeting the Targets, Confidence, Partner, Advise, Return on investment.